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Data is a

Strategic Asset.

We put it to work for you.


Trusted by global brands

Meet our recently on-boarded customers. Daton drives analytics for several leading global brands.

Your Data.In your control.

At Saras, we strive to make analytics and data science accessible for any company, and specifically for SMBs.

We do that through

Daton: A Managed Data Pipeline

Eliminate all the engineering costs and time to quickly consolidate and store marketing, analytics, Commerce, and other enterprise data.

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Halo: Ecommerce Intelligence and Insights Platform

Get all your Ecommerce reporting and insights delivered to you without having to write a single line of code. It's just a 5 minutes setup!

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Analytics Solutions

Deploy proven analytics solutions without any cost of building them from the ground up. No machine learning experts? No problem!

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BI, Custom ETL, & Analyst Services

Solving the last mile data challenges by offering quality BI, ETL Development, and Analyst services.

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Insights, that can change the course of any company.

Saras Analytics is a data management and predictive analytics company that you can engage in any stage of the data life cycle.

How we do that

We bring data to life and enable stakeholders to take data-driven decisions

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The journey to become a data-driven company involves bringing together people of different skills with a common goal.


The Data Replication Superhero.

Our goal is to make advanced analytics accessible and affordable to SMBs. One way to reduce the costs for analytics is to make it quick and easy to aggregate siloed data and allow teams to focus on finding insights. Daton is that superpower that will help us do just that.

Daton has the power to aggregate all your data into a centralized data warehouse of your choice.

HaloE-commerce Intelligence and Reporting

Out of the box reports and dashboards on top of the data aggregated by Daton and built-in collaboration with prominent growth hackers from fast growing startups.

Focus on selling, not on reporting

Get all your Ecommerce reporting and insights delivered to you without having to write a single line of code. It's just a 5 minutes setup!

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Essential Analytics.Easy, Affordable, and Accessible.

Reducing Time to Insight for customers is THE north star metric for us and our machine learning solutions built on top of data aggregated by Daton help us to do just that.

Machine Learning Solutions

Our analytics and machine learning solutions solve complex challenges such as sales forecasting, LTV prediction, segmentation, churn prediction, media mix and more.

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Multiple service offerings, Common aim.

Report development, custom ETL, or finding analysts to assist with data analysis are big challenges for businesses. Rely on us to get you humming again.

BI Development

We are partners with some of the leading BI and visualization vendors like Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, and MicroStrategy

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Custom ETL Development

Need custom ETL work done to get your data into a warehouse? We have you covered.

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Analyst as a service

Our Analysts assist you in building an analytics-driven organization to monetize data.

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